Queen Elizabeth’s funeral: rule change for Harry and Andrew

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Of: Annemarie Goebbel

The Royal Family is finally showing heart. Prince Harry and Prince Andrew are now allowed to wear military uniforms at the wakes at the coffin of Queen Elizabeth II.

London – For Prince Harry (38) it was a repeated gauntlet. Since declaring his departure from the British royal family, the king’s second-born son, Charles III. (73) leave his military uniform in the closet. In a suit he followed the coffin Queen Elizabeth II (96, † 2022). After all, the Duke of Sussex was allowed to attach his four medals. But he surely had to swallow all his pride, since it was a tribute to his grandmother, to whose favorites he had belonged.

Hard line broken: Prince Harry and Prince Andrew are allowed to hold a wake in uniform

Already at the for According to the Daily Mirror, the Queen’s disgraced son, Prince Andrew (62) and Prince Harry, are allowed to wear their military uniform for the wake planned for Friday and Saturday. “Common sense has prevailed,” the paper quoted a palace insider as saying. Despite his undisputed service in Afghanistan, Harry had to resign his military titles when he left the royal family.

Prince Harry was barred from wearing a uniform at the funeral march for Queen Elizabeth II, despite undisputed accomplishments in a decade in the army. The Royal Family now shows understanding and lets Prince Harry and Prince Andrew say goodbye in uniform. © Anwar Hussein/Imago & Christopher Furlong/dpa

His uncle Andrew (62) had – unlike his siblings – completed his previous official appearances in a suit. According to the information, he was also allowed “as a special mark of respect” to wear a uniform at a wake scheduled for Friday night at his mother’s coffin. After the inglorious comparison in an abuse scandal involving convicted criminal Jeffrey Epstein (66, † 2019); had to give way from the front row of the royals and has not been considered an active member of the crown since then.

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However, there is no official confirmation from the royal family at the moment

The giving in of the Royal Family, namely Prince Williams and the King, who initially wanted to follow the strict protocol, comes just in time before the Funeral of Queen Elizabeth II on Monday. Many observers and royal experts found it cruel that Prince Harry was treated so harshly in mourning for the deceased monarch. Harry had to rush to the Queen’s deathbed one by one, only found her on her deathbed and spent his time isolated from the family with wife Meghan Markle (41) at Frogmore Cottage, just a stone’s throw from Windsor Castle.

During the tour with Prince William (40) and the wives Kate Middleton (40) and Meghan Markle in Windsor, the family seemed to be united in grief. Yet Royal experts saw Harry and Williams’ joint appearance as a formal farceAccording to a comment in news.com, the tour was preceded by tough negotiations. The concession brings back hopes of reconciliation, which would no doubt have been in the Queen’s interest. Sources used: dpa, mirror.co.uk

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