Quentin Tarantino Doesn’t Quit: He’s Making a Series Now!

Just recently we got over Quentin Tarantino reported. After all, during the press tour for his new book “Cinema Speculation”, he said which one Marvel movie he might like to produce. Now a more than interesting statement from the iconic director has appeared again, with which he released his latest Project has confirmed. Because despite the fact that Tarantino only one movie doesn’t mean that he has to call it a day when it comes to writing or production. The director is currently planning one next year TV series to produce. So far, however, he has not announced much about the content of the project. The only thing known as a framework is that it eight episodes this TV production should give. According to Tarantino, he has already written the eight episodes and simply has to refine them. Accordingly, it is also unknown who will be involved in this project and to what extent. But fans of the director can definitely look forward to an upcoming project in the near future.

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Quentin Tarantino has worked in television before. Variety stresses that Tarantino in 2005 for two episodes of the TV series CSI took over the direction. But of course he is primarily known for his numerous cinema films. As part of the promotion of his book, Tarantino also talked about some projects that never existed for various reasons. Variety mentions a play he wrote, or a Shaft reboot.

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In the film and television landscape are current Marvel and DC in the focus of reporting. Marvel is so close to that Diploma the fourth phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and is currently celebrating Black Panther: Wakanda big hits. Tried at the same time Warner Bros. build your own cinematic universe with the help of James Gunn and Peter Safran.

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