Quinteros affirms that Suazo could not be for Saturday after being injured

Colo Colo was up to the task in the return of the Cacique’s fans to the Monumental Stadium after 525 days, beating Union Española 4-0 and taking a vital step to the final of the Chile Cup.

Unfortunately not everything is good news for the albos in this past, since Gabriel Suazo could not finish the game due to physical discomfort, leaving his place on the court to Bruno Gutiérrez at 62 ‘of play after being an important participant in the transitory 2-0 of the Popular.

Gustavo Quinteros, strategist of the Cacique, commented in the post-match press conference about the injury of captain Albo, stating that “He felt a discomfort in his knee. As a precaution, he asked for the change. I hope it’s nothing serious. He is one of the players that one can always count on. Beyond some pain, he never let me know. He always wants to be, the shirt perspires one hundred percent, he loves Colo Colo. If he asked to leave, it is because he felt something that worried him ”.

“The game was also favorable. I hope to have it for Saturday. If Óscar Opazo is not there, Miiko Albornoz who is training well, Daniel Gutiérrez is there, we have variants there for the next game and those that come in case Gabriel Suazo cannot play ”, Quinteros concluded.

Coach Albo will have two days to see Suazo’s evolution And you will need to use a replacement in the event that your injury is more serious.

Los albos will return to action for the 2021 National Championship, facing Sports Antofagasta at the Monumental Stadium this Saturday, August 21 from 4:30 p.m. by date 17 of the tournament.

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