Quinteros analyzed the defeat against Cobresal and referred to the reinforcements

Colo Colo could not face Cobresal at the Monumental Stadium and fell by the minimum count with a score by Marcos Sebastián Pol, within the framework of the nineteenth day of the 2021 National Championship.

With this result, the albos lost their streak of 15 games without losing any defeat. However, they are still in first place in the standings with 34 units, waiting for the duel between Unión Española and Unión La Calera which will begin at 7:00 p.m.

After the defeat against the Miners, Gustavo Quinteros spoke with TNT Sports, where he had words to refer to the outcome of this commitment and also spoke about the arrival of the reinforcements.

In the first instance, the Popular strategist pointed out that “We did not know how to solve in attack, we solved badly, the centers, we did not have depth in the flank centers. We lacked precision and they scored a goal against us, they defended themselves. Then everything got messy because we went with a lot of people on offense “.

“We were not precise, the centers were bad and we did not take advantage of the height we had. It worries not to score, but the team generates situations. Let’s hope in the next matches to be able to convert. We lost points, the points hurt me more than the undefeated one ”, he complemented.

Regarding the arrival of the reinforcements covering the games of Nicolás Blandi and Martín Rodríguez, the Santa Fe said that “We are working on it, it is delayed, we lose time, games and the team is harmed. We must replace those who left, I have been saying for a long time “.

“We are not reinforcing the team, we are replacing those who left. If players leave, you have to bring, otherwise a lot of boys have to play. If the idea is to fight for the Championship, you need players. The boys are going to play, They have played a lot with me, but we must replace the one who is leaving to have a competitive team “he added.

Finally, he spoke about the call of Iván Morales and Gabriel Costa to the qualifying rounds for the Qatar 2022 World Cup and maintained that “We are leaving two players who were pillars throughout the tournament. We are going to replace them, we have players who can do well. We hope to win the game, go to the final and prepare for the final “.

The Colo Colo de Quinteros fell and mortgaged the leadership. Source: UNO Agency.

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