Quinteros and the 18th celebrations for the squad

The national holidays are approaching and everyone is getting ready to celebrate. However, in Colo Colo Their minds are on Tuesday’s game against Everton and after that, they will only be able to think of festivities.

What’s more, the campus may have a couple of days off so that they can share with their families after the intense month of August and the first days of September where With a great performance they managed to conquer the Chile Cup and be the exclusive leaders of the National Championship.

With the knowledge of the festivities in the country, the coach Gustavo Quinteros placeholder image, authorized the players to celebrate, although they will have to do so with some restrictions, as revealed in Mega.

“They have permission for an empanada, an anticucho … Earthquake? We’ll see. Yes, they can celebrate something so special, “Quinteros said in the interview.

Moreover, the Argentine-Bolivian coach was clear in expressing that “everyone is aware of the National Holidays. We have a game this Tuesday and we want the players to concentrate. Then they will be free to celebrate as it is done here“.

In addition, in other of the subjects that it approached, Quinteros confessed that “vive listening to music, I get up in the morning listening to music. There is a group that is Attaque 77“.

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