Quinteros and the triumph of Colo Colo: "We were fair winners"

Despite not showing the game of other parties, Colo Colo achieved an important 2-1 victory against Palestino that allowed him to increase the advantage with his guards in the position table and after the commitment, the coach Gustavo Quinteros placeholder image He was clear in pointing out that they were the fair winners.

Today, soccer, we had moments that were superior. We did not generate so many clear opportunities but we had the improvements. We win fairly“Quinteros said.

“It was a more closed and locked match. Not so many occasions were generated, but I think we went in search of the results. The first half was ours and in the second half they attacked more. We were solid and the situations we had we were able to take advantage of. We were just winners “, the technician complemented.

On the game shown before the Arabs, he noted that “we played around in a different way in the second half, with three mixed flyers to generate more chances. We didn’t have that many chances there, but we were able to win and it was given to us. “

One of the party figures was Leonardo Gil, who converted a goal from a free kick and Quinteros praised him for his great level of play.

“When the ball passes through him he has a good pass, a lot of clarity and generates football. He always finds his teammates very well located and in the stopped ball it is a goal danger. He played a little ahead of Soto and Pizarro, replacing Costa. “

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César Fuentes’s game as a central defender: “Today Fuentes did very well, it is not the first time he has played there with me. He is fast and strong. He has a good delivery. He can continue doing it and I am calm. For there it cost Falcón a little more to change his profile , but in general they played a good game. “

The next commitments: “All the games are going to be complicated. They study you a lot, they block you, they mark you man to man and they close. The teams taking advantage of any counter or stopped ball can convert you, as happened last game.”

Rivals’ style of play: “I prefer to play against teams that attack, to have spaces and take advantage of them with the speed that we have. Huachipato I think it will be one of those teams that will play more offensively, like UC.”

The first place and a possible title: “Very important games are coming. With three games to go, it will be known who are the teams that are going to fight for the title. We have to wait. We had to lose points and at any moment the others lose points. We have to be prepared to win, to be better. and look for chances. That will be the way to fight for the title. “

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