Quinteros enjoyed his beautiful debut with the swollen alba

Colo Colo had the best and most forceful of the performances in the return of his fans to the Monumental Stadium after 525 days, beating Unión Española 4-0 and taking a very important step to the final of the Chile Cup.

One who experienced a more than special match was Gustavo Quinteros, since he directed su first meeting with the fanatical alba at the Monumental Stadium, which he had not done in all this time under the command of the popular.

At a press conference, the chief strategist stated that “We waited a lot for the public, we really wanted to see them in the stadium. The only fear is that two 18-year-olds entered and then four more, 19 and 20, six minors entered. That makes me very happy. Maybe at some point it may weigh them down if things were not right, but the people of Colo Colo encourage, encourage and encourage and that motivates you. It will always be beneficial to have them, even in adversity. With your breath you can reverse an adverse situation, which can happen to us ”.

The Santa Fe appreciates the presence of the Colo Colo fan in this rise in the performance of his team, especially after the traumatic 2020 season that had them struggling not to be relegated to the First B.

“We knew the night a bit and now we enjoy the day, to make a comparison. The public is essential. You feel that positive energy, which gives strength at times when you feel fatigued and tired. The player draws strength from where he does not have because people lead to that. The public returned and we hope that soon more people will be able to come and that they will enjoy the team “, said the coach.

The Cacique was finally able to play at the Monumental with the support of his people. | Photo: Guillermo Salazar.

To close, Quinteros was excited to say that “The team has a heart, it plays with the heart, it has that characteristic that the club has, of going to look for matches, of running, putting, pressing, reversing adverse situations like against Melipilla, drawing strength from where it seems there is none. The Colo Colo player is doing it, he gets up from adversity. Happy to have you. They really deserved a win like that ”.

Colo Colo must now prepare to return to action in the 2021 National Championship, receiving Deportes Antofagasta at the Monumental this Saturday, August 21 from 4:30 p.m. by date 17 of the local contest.

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