Quinteros hurries for reinforcements: "They should already be"

Gustavo Quinteros was very satisfied with the performance of Colo Colo in the victory over Deportes Antofagasta, where his team faced the numerous casualties in a good way and thus reach the leadership of the 2021 National Championship.

In that sense, he appreciated what was done by Miiko Albornoz, who had to replace Gabriel Suazo. “When you get two players per position, the team does not suffer in performance. Miiko Albornoz prepared very well, she made two or three friendlies very well. He came with a muscular history, of an inactivity that did not allow him to get well. He got well physically and footballingly and he did very well “, highlighted at a press conference.

Along the same lines, he also had words for Óscar Opazo: “We had been working on it little by little, I went in to see how it was and it ended very well. Both are available if required. We continue with the idea of ​​having two per position at that level. We are going to lose Costa in the Playoffs. We must have a player who does his job at the same level. I’m very happy, those who entered did very well ”.

Despite the good performance of the youngsters in recent games, the strategist insists that he needs to incorporate more players. “We are happy and satisfied. We have a competitive team, playing with many young boys from the club’s quarry, which was part of the club’s project that we are fulfilling perfectly.. The incorporations were approved by the directors 10 days ago, the forward and the replacement of Martín Rodríguez That was a couple of months and it was reinforcement. The players should be here by now. I trust that they will keep their word. So we will have more variants and when we play those defining matches we will have a better chance of achieving the objectives “, he exposed.

Goals and the match against Unión La Calera

Since the beginning of the season, Gustavo Quinteros always maintained that the best face of the team would be seen on the second wheel and for this he wanted to be on the lookout for something that he achieved in the standings. He feels that there is still room for improvement, but he is excited.

“I agree. We reached the middle of the season and we have met the expectations of the people and the team. I always said since I arrived that from the second round we expected a competitive team to face the Chile Cup, the Championship, they will be very tough games, if we want to fight for titles, qualify for the Copa Libertadores. We must keep improving and have a competitive team for those defining matches”, He commented.

Gustavo Quinteros has five consecutive victories in the tournament. / PHOTO: Agencia Uno

Finally, he referred to the next game against Unión La Calera, which will be key to the aspirations albas and to have a strong momentum for the second round. In addition, he assured that it will not be complicated with the synthetic grass of Nicolás Chahuán.

Calera is very strong, well built, defends quite well and attacks with a lot of people. He has two dangerous forwards, Vargas who plays very, very well, I can name them all. In attack they do a lot of damage. We are going to have to work, there is little space and days to do it, but to watch videos and do analytical work to counteract the rival. But we never neglect what we do, we emphasize what we can do. We are doing well, the team is doing very well, generating goal situations, converting, so we go with great confidence. And the court for me is not a negative thing, you have to go in and play. Maybe at the beginning it costs a little more, but then you feel the floor, you grab the hand and play as you can. I am confident that we will have a good game and hopefully we can win“, Hill.

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