Quinteros lowers his thumb to Diogo de Oliveira and does not reach Colo Colo

Before the departure of Esteban Paredes and the opaque performance of Nicolás Blandi, in Colo Colo it was clear that another center-forward was needed to complete the squad. Gustavo Quinteros insisted on the need to look for one, but the leadership He has not been able to find the ‘9’ that the strategist wants so much.

The priority was Marcelo Moreno Martins, but when everything seemed well under way, the Bolivian attacker chose to stay in Cruzeiro and the Albos had to look for more alternatives. There the name of Diogo de Oliveira, a Brazilian from the Plaza Colonia de Uruguay, arose, but he will not arrive despite his desire to reach the Monumental.

According to Radio ADN, DT was very upset after the board of Black and White ruined the possibility of signing Fabián Orellana, whom he had as a priority over the center forward. Quinteros had stated that he only accepted the option if they brought him the Real Valladolid player, which finally did not happen and for that reason he lowered his thumb to the striker.

At this point in the campaign, the chief strategist is of the idea that a proven player arrives and not a bet. For that reason, he hoped to have Martín Rodríguez’s replacement first before giving the go-ahead for the player who just started to break into Uruguayan soccer this semester.

Diogo de Oliveira will not arrive in Colo Colo / PHOTO: Archive

The Blanco y Negro bureaucracy continues to be a problem to tie reinforcements and this has caused annoyance in Gustavo Quinteros, who hoped to have them ready as soon as the second round of the National Championship began, where the albos are currently leading.

It should be remembered that Colo Colo has until the fourth date of the second round to register new players. However, the problem lies in the time it takes for a footballer from abroad to make himself available to the DT, since must comply with their respective preventive quarantine.

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