Quinteros wants to take root in El Cacique

Quite a lot of noise generated the rumors that pointed out that the Chilean team and Boca Juniors were seen on the horizon of Gustavo Quinteros in the coming months. The Colo Colo coach is doing a good job at the Monumental, and it would not be surprising if the offers begin to appear by 2022.

Quinteros himself is calm about everything and He does not want distractions in these key weeks that are coming for the Cacique, where the fight for the title in the tournament after winning the Chile Cup appears as the great group objective that remains to be fulfilled this season.

“I really want to continue, I see a huge future in Colo Colo. I want to be champion, I would like to play the Copa Libertadores, make a great presentation in the Copa Libertadores ”, The Santa Fe pointed out with conviction to Meganoticias.

“It is a very big club, the really wonderful people. We are first in the National Championship and we won the Chile Cup. I would pay a ticket to see this Colo Colo, I like how he plays. What happens is that now the rivals study you a lot. From the middle of the year onwards we should have a competitive team capable of fighting for the Championship ”, added.

In addition, he appreciated that in the next few days by You will finally be able to reunite with your family after several months without being able to see them, which will be a fundamental pillar for everything he projects directing the Eternal Champion.

Gustavo Quinteros will fight for the title in the second part of the 2021 tournament. | Photo: Guillermo Salazar.

“My family is already in Santiago. I didn’t see them for almost six months. We were very distressed, plus one who is a foreigner. We had losses of colleagues, direct relatives who could not be present and it is very painful. My family arrived, I have to wait five more days to live with them. I’m happy, vey happy”, the white strategist concluded.

In the leadership of Black and White is in tune with the wishes of Gustavo Quinteros, so they are already moving to be able to find the renewal for the 2022 season, where the Cacique already has his ticket, but to the previous phase, of the Copa Libertadores.

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