Quinteros warns that Jeyson Rojas and Matías Zaldivia are recovered

Colo Colo is going through a great footballing moment and it seems that the team as such is completely oiled, however there are several players who are out and who want an opportunity, especially footballers who had been starting.

That is the case of Jeyson Rojas and Matías Zaldivia, two starters who left the team due to different injuries. Today both are ready to return and Gustavo Quinteros told him at a press conference.

“We did a bit of football and Jeyson Rojas, Matías Zaldivia are recovered, they are a little fit in football, but the injuries are fine and now there are two games three days apart and it is likely that they will join the team and be variants “he explained.

Gustavo Quinteros himself also spoke about Christian Santos, who has already participated in a couple of training sessions at the Monumental stadium and said that he even practiced with the ball.

Jeyson Rojas and Matías Zaldivia are recovered

“Even Christian Santos played football today, but we are going to take it little by little, since they need to gain confidence and are available. He did a physical work of strengthening and played 15 minutes in the training game today. Muscularly he has to work and get ready, since 90-minute matches require prior preparation. He will keep working, playing football with more minutes until he feels strong and confident. “, he sentenced.

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