Quiz. Miss France 2023: what will be your score in the general culture test?

While waiting for the election on Saturday December 17, the famous Miss general knowledge quiz is already available. Will you be able to correctly answer the questions posed to the 30 candidates this year?

It’s a competition tradition miss France. Each year, candidates must take a quiz and answer a series of general culture questions. Current events, history-geography, logic, spelling, they must be knowledgeable in all these fields.

This is an important step for the young women in the running, who are judged as much on their responses as on their stress management during the event. Additional pressure: those whose results are average or even bad have little chance of being pre-selected by the jury for the semi-finals…

What will your score be?

And you, what would your score be? Discover below the questions of general culture that the 30 Misses had to answer this year, and try to answer them in our turn in our quiz!

The candidates had 40 minutes to answer the questions of this quiz. The Miss France 2023 election will take place on December 17 in Châtellerault.

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