Especially in the Corona year 2020, Tulovic loaded hot goods for mom

Racing driver Lukas Tulovic (22) – ER is Germany’s fastest pizza delivery boy

The pizzas are guaranteed to be warm when they arrive…

Racing driver Lukas Tulovic (22) is Germany’s only motorcyclist in the MotoGP Moto2 World Championship – and probably the only German racing driver who serves food for his mother’s bistro.

Penalties pre-programmed? None! “In fact, I’ve always gotten off very lightly. My fast reaction time, if there was a radar device, certainly played a large part in this,” Tulovic told BILD.

But why does a professional athlete deliver food at all?

Tulovic: “Two years ago, when COVID was at its peak and I couldn’t race because everything was on hold, I worked a lot in the restaurant and delivered pizza.”

Especially in the Corona year 2020, Tulovic loaded hot goods for mom

Photo: private

That's how you know racing driver Lukas Tulovic – on his motorcycle

This is how his fans know racing driver Lukas Tulovic – on his motorcycle

Photo: Manuel Tormo

But now the mother has to do without Lukas. Because the young man from Eberbach (Baden-Württemberg) recently went out into the big wide world. He signed a new two-year contract with his team, Liqi Moly Husquarna Intact GP.

Because of better training conditions, he moved to Tarragona, Spain, in a small apartment, trains on racetracks and karting tracks, keeps fit for the upcoming season. But he also takes a stand at home, where he completes athletic units tailored to his special needs as a motorcyclist.

► His trainer: Gregor Haslberger, who has already taken stars like Formula 1 world champion Sebastian Vettel (35) and ski jump professional Sven Hannawald (48) under his wing.

Trains the big ones: Gregor Haslberger

Trains the big ones: Gregor Haslberger


Tulovic: “We are working on coordination, balance, speed, strength, endurance, maximum strength and many other details that are crucial for riding a motorcycle quickly.”

His career started when he was five years old. Lukas’ father drove on racetracks himself as a hobby. “I could smell the petrol back then. The older I got, the faster and more professional the whole thing became,” says Tulovic.

Concentration before the start...

Concentration before the start – here at the race in May 2022 in Estoril, Spain

Photo: Manuel Tormo

Motorcycle champ Lukas Tulovic won the ....

Motorcycle champ Lukas Tulovic won the Moto2 European Championship

Photo: Manuel Tormo

Incidentally, after graduating from high school, the athlete worked for the police, wanted to study there before dropping out, signed with the sports management company O1NE Sport – and concentrated fully on his racing machine. “The time was extremely stressful because I was competing in the European Championship and the electric motorcycle world championship at the same time.”

So Tulovic put everything on one card – and fate was to be right. In 2021 he won his first Grand Prix victory in the MotoE World Cup at the Red Bull Ring in Spielberg. AND: In October 2022, Tulovic became the first German rider to win the Moto2 European Championship.

He: “I’ve sacrificed a lot and worked extremely hard in recent years to get to this point and earn this place.”

His goal? The world championship title, of course! “Being the best motorcyclist in the world is the ultimate goal in life,” said Tulovic.

But for the first time in June we’re going to the Sachsenring (Chemnitz) for the German Grand Prix. “Starting as a German driver in a German team in front of 250,000 spectators already gives me goosebumps.”

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