Racism: Lilian Thuram wants to empower white players

The former defender of the France team has explained why white players have to refuse to play in order to fight racism.

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In an interview with The Guardian Thursday, October 28, Lilian Thuram wanted to empower white players in the face of racial insults that are increasingly present on football fields.

Important figure in the fight against racism, Lilian Thuram, who spoke on this subject in his book White thought, has explained in the columns of the English newspaper the importance of getting people and more particularly those of “white” color to reflect on the structures of society and on issues of racism.

“If we want to talk about racism, it is with whites that we have to talk” did he declare. “It’s up to the white players, who are usually in the majority, to refuse to play.” he continued, to speak more specifically of football players. “As long as the matches continue when there are outbreaks of racism, institutions will continue to make only superficial attempts to address them.“.

Lilian Thuram praised the positions taken by some white players, taking the example of Jordan Henderson, captain of Liverpool. “When I see him speak out against racism, I find it fantastic. Players like him set an example. The more people there are who denounce racism, the closer we will be to equality.”.

The ex-Juventus player also encouraged the players to continue to “to put the knee on the ground to condemn these injustices “.

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