Racist killing in Buffalo: Joe Biden denounces the "poison" white supremacy

An 18-year-old follower of the conspiracy and racist theory of the “great replacement” committed an assault rifle massacre on Saturday, killing ten people.

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Joe Biden vehemently denounced, Tuesday, May 17, the “poison” of white supremacism and those who help to spread it, after a racist massacre that killed ten people on Saturday in Buffalo (northeast). In this city of New York state, where a young man adept at conspiracy and racist theories such as that of the “great replacement” committed an assault rifle massacre on Saturday, the American president spoke of an act of “domestic terrorism”.

Evoking this racist thesis of the “great replacement”, Joe Biden, very moved and solemn, asserted: “I call on all Americans to reject this lie and condemn anyone who spreads it to gain power, votes, money.” “Those who claim to love America have given too much fuel to hate and fear”, launched the 79-year-old Democrat again, without mentioning any names or partisan affiliation. The United States has experienced several killings in recent years targeting African Americans, Jews, and people of Latin American origin.

The president once again called for the regulation of firearms: “I’m not naive. I know tragedy will happen again… But there are things we can do. We can ban assault weapons from our streets.” The organization Gun Violence Archive has already counted more than 200 “mass shootings” in the country this year, in which at least four people were injured or killed each time.

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