Radio host continues in contact with people thanks to TikTok

‘Peru… country where…’ With this phrase begins most of the videos of Jeffry Alarcon, a communicator and radio host who opened his TikTok account at the start of the pandemic. His creativity for the texts, his instinct to choose the themes and his penetrating gaze are his best tools when making content for this famous social network. He is very happy because his effort and dedication have earned him almost 75 thousand followers.

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“I got into TikTok early in the pandemic. In fact, just after he stopped working at a well-known radio station in Lima Norte. I didn’t want to lose contact with people and this social network showed me a way to keep reaching them. For my videos I began to be inspired by everyday situations, the news of the day, politics and even my own experiences. Anything goes (laughs)expressed this young tiktoker.

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He is aware that not everyone will always like what he does on social networks, but he does not have problems with negative comments, he prefers to lead the party in peace. He even says he loves his ‘haters’ (people who show negative or hostile attitudes towards someone in particular) because they are people who take the time to see his content.

Since he finished high school, Jefry had in mind to become a youtuber and host a radio program, that’s why he began to develop and strengthen several of his qualities. “I saw that they were casting for an online radio station, I showed up and stayed. I know that I still have to improve many things, I am working hard to achieve my dreams”ended.

They find it on TikTok as:


TikTok: Young man parodies work issues with his peculiar serious and mysterious style

This is Gerson García, who wants to go beyond social networks and dedicate himself to stand up comedy professionally. His dream is to fill theaters and other places of entertainment.

Gerson opened his TikTok account in December 2021.
Gerson opened his TikTok account in December 2021.

Two years ago, Gerson Garcia He began capturing his anecdotes and work experiences in videos that he posted on Facebook and Instagram. In a certain way, he began to gain followers and become better known on social networks; however, the boom came when he opened his tik tok account in December 2021. Now it has 275 thousand followers and 3.7 million likes (I like it).

“I opened my TikTok and started uploading videos. On December 31 I had to work, that inspired me to put together a video and give my speech at the end of the year. Many people felt identified and it quickly became viral. They commented: ‘brother, you are my idol’ or ‘I always want to say it, but I can’t’. There I realized that labor issues captured a lot of attention, that’s why I focused on it. My scripts are inspired by things that have happened to me at work or I have witnessed”said this young man of 28 years.

His serious and mysterious style has captivated his followers. Aside from work topics, he also does tiktoks at family parties like birthdays and baby showers. “For a moment I thought that a serious character, grumpy and complaining was not going to ‘hit’ on the networks. I was wrong (laughs), although I always try to be wise and not exaggerate with my comments.he expressed.


Gerson does not want to be just an influencer or tiktoker, he wants to go further and dedicate himself to stand up comedy professionally. “My dream is to fill theaters and other entertainment venues, and show off my talent for stand-up comedy. I want people to know me as a showman.”revealed.

You can follow him on Instagram and TikTok as:


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