Rain coming! Heat over for now

Scene visitors should unpack their raincoats in the evening.

Today the heat wave collapses: In the afternoon it starts with rain and cooling.

Vorarlberg will soon be able to breathe a sigh of relief. The great heat is over for now. The first, sometimes heavy showers are expected on Friday afternoon, before it rains almost all over the country in the evening. The following applies to visitors to the scene festival: Wellington boots out!

Weather improvement on Saturday afternoon

In the area of ​​a weak front, the air mass is humid and unstable on Saturday. In the morning clouds will dominate and it will rain at times. Lightning and thunder can also be there. In the second half of the day, the showers are gradually moving eastwards, from Lake Constance to the Rhine Valley the dry phases are already predominant and the sun is making its way.

  • Lows: 14 to 18 degrees
  • Maximum values: 21 to 25 degrees

Mostly friendly Sunday

Apart from a few remaining clouds, Sunday should often start quite brightly with intermittent sunshine. In the humid air, however, new swellings quickly develop, which lead to some thundery rain showers in the mountains. Apart from that, you often get through the day dry. Warm in summer.

  • Lows: 12 to 16 degrees
  • Maximum values: 23 to 26 degrees

Changeable Monday

Also on Monday it will continue to be cloudy and during the day one or two showers can form in the humid air mass in the mountains.

  • Lows: 12 to 16 degrees
  • Maximum values: 24 to 28 degrees

Sunny towards the middle of the week

A weak high-pressure influence ensures constant weather conditions and mostly only loose cloud cover on Tuesday.

  • Lows: 11 to 15 degrees
  • Highs: 23 to 27 degrees.

On Wednesday it will be consistently sunny and dry. Loose, harmless cumulus clouds form over the mountains.

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