Rainbow Six Extraction: skins, accessories… all the details of Nightmare Fog

After the latest update, it’s now time for the previously teased event to make its introduction to Rainbow Six Extraction. Available for many days, it is very likely that it will give players the opportunity to redo a few sessions on the latest title from Ubisoft.

Rainbow Six Extraction: Vigil added to the list of Proteans to kill

REACT agents face a nightmarish fog

In this new crisis simply called Nighmare Fog, operators will have to deal with a new, unknown fog that has appeared in critical areas. In addition to its purple color, it causes mysterious hallucinations.

Fortunately, REACT agents have developed neurostimulants to counter the main symptoms. So you have to complete various tasks to get to know this nightmarish fog and overcome it.

Unfortunately, it won’t be easy because of the multiple enemies who will defend the toxic tree at all costs while you manage your neurotoxin level.

A new accessory and new cosmetics

Of course, beyond a temporary mode, completing the various objectives will allow you to obtain exclusive cosmetics, but also a new accessory.

The Accelerator Gun fires Neurostimulants at other Agents to temporarily apply a movement speed boost as well as an invulnerability effect.

You should have enough time to unlock everything since the crisis is available from May 12 to June 2. Feel free to try out Rainbow Six Extraction in co-op since it’s available in Xbox Game Pass, PC Game Pass, and Xbox Cloud Gaming.

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