Rammstein on a stadium tour: Heated Rammstein concert in the Düsseldorf Arena

On two evenings in a row, Rammstein flexed their muscles in Düsseldorf. For the show, they were celebrated by the audience on Saturday night.

At the first of two performances in North Rhine-Westphalia, the Berlin band Rammstein was enthusiastically cheered in Düsseldorf on Saturday. The almost 40,000 fans in the sold-out arena had to wait two years in midsummer temperatures due to the corona pandemic for the concerts of the stadium tour through Europe and North America that were canceled in 2020.

The musicians around singer Till Lindemann (59) delighted the 40,000 fans in the sold-out stadium with their stage show of hard sound, flame throwing, firecrackers and light effects. Shortly before the start of the concert, the stadium management had opened the roof of the arena – cheered by the spectators in the heat.

The band introduced the song “Deutschland” with an intro made of DJ sounds and a sound reminiscent of “Kraftwerk”, the pioneers of electronic music from Düsseldorf. Another concert is planned for Sunday in the state capital.

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Rammstein classics such as “Sonne”, “Du hast” or “Ich will” ensure ecstasy in the stands and inside. Four songs come from the successful album “Zeit”, released at the end of April, which temporarily catapulted Rammstein to number one in the charts. The musicians have integrated new songs such as “Zick Zack”, “Armee der Tristen”, “Adieu” and the title song “Zeit” into the approximately two-hour program with 22 titles.

The start of the Europa Stadion Tour 2022 was in Leipzig in May. 16 concerts in Europe are planned until August, followed by 12 performances in North America. (dpa)

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