Rankler seniors visiting the Juppen workshop

Senior trip to
©Marktgemeinde Rankweil

Last Wednesday, September 14th, 154 Ranklers took part in the traditional seniors’ outing of the market town of Rankweil. This year it led to the Juppen workshop in Riefensberg.

The seniors started the day full of anticipation with a sociable bus ride to the front of the Bregenzerwald. Arrived in the idyllic Riefensberg, the good-humored group made their way to the Juppenwerkstatt. There were exciting insights into the production of Juppenstoff from glossy linen – a craft that was included in the UNESCO list of intangible cultural heritage in 2021.

Insights into traditional handicrafts
The group of seniors, who were accompanied by local councilor Helmut Jenny, local doctor Siegfried Hartmann, Tanja Schroller from the citizens’ service in the town hall and three members of the Red Cross, learned interesting facts about the individual work steps – from glazing and pleating to filigree embroidery with gold thread. Of course, the result of around 150 to 170 hours of work could also be admired: the finished traditional costumes or jackets with the associated accessories.

After this feast for the eyes, there was also refreshment for body and soul: In the Kaffee Bartle – an inn that is run as a cooperative by many people from the village – we recharged our batteries with coffee and what everyone agreed was an “excellent” homemade cake and celebrated the coziness before going back to Rankweil.

Conclusion in the Vinomna Hall
The end of the day in the Vinomna Hall was lively: the day came to a sociable end with a fine snack and musical accompaniment from the Jackpot group. There was a bouquet of flowers for the birthday children of the day: Horst Schroller (82 years) and Margaretha Gantner (82 years). Roman Ottowitz and Gerda Dietinger were also brought onto the stage by local councilor Helmut Jenny: at 90 they were the oldest participants on the successful day.

More pictures at www.rankweil.at/fotos

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