Rap as a tool to denounce sexist violence

Rap is a genre of harsh lyrics and strong messages, factors that have been well exploited by Audry Funk, who for 18 years has been developing as a singer and teller of experiential stories, influenced by the feminism, the antiracism and the migration.

As part of the activities to be carried out in Mérida, within the framework of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, the rapper chatted with The Truth News about his presentation at Casa Macorina, his lyrics and his vision regarding sexist violence in Mexico and the United States.

What is Audry Funk’s music like?

My music is a mix of feminist rap, but also anti-racist, promigrant, since everything that crosses me is what I speak of, I really like to collaborate with feminist groups because that is like my background, the feminist political organization, but my flag is from the music, with what we like to make this soundtrack of the feminist wave revolution.

What stories do your lyrics address?

I talk about what has happened to me and that is where I realize that with the morras I have a meeting point, because we have all gone through the same thing, in different settings, in different stages of our lives, but the violence is there So I think my music is super experiential, so when I make my music I heal myself and the other girls heal because they connect with it.

Audry Funk visits Mérida as part of a tour of Mexico

Did the harshness of rap influence you to choose it as the genre in which you develop?

In general the hip hop It seems to me to be an anti-systemic background culture, which was born in the most marginalized neighborhoods of New York, as an act of resistance from art and although we are used to a very gangsters, I choose this genre because what we are experiencing is no less violent and it is no less gangster to go out on the street every day, with the afraid of not being able to return.

Taking into account that you have lived in two countries, how do you see gender violence in North America?

Thanks to patriarchy, the world in general is made for men to prosper and stand out, while we are breaking into these types of systems saying that we are present, that we are more than half the population and that we also deserve those spaces. Machismo is horrible and is very marked everywhere, but in others it is more or less violent than in Mexico, where 12 women can be murdered a day while nobody says anything.

What is the message you send in the framework of this 25N?

First of all, that this date is not only “this date”, but that every day we have to be respected and listened to, so as men and as women every day we have an opportunity to start processes that eliminate patriarchy from our lives. heads. We are already doing our job, do yours.

What do you have prepared for Mérida this Thursday?

I’m going to be with the girls at Casa Macorina (50 by 51 and 53 Centro), it will be super cool, in an environment where they will be able to dance, feel love and feminist rebellion about my songs, they will have a great time like this Take advantage of the fact that this pandemic is giving us a truce to enjoy live events. The ticket costs 150 pesos and can be purchased at the door of the place.

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