Raphaël Vogt: serious words about his mother’s illness

Around 250,000 people in Germany have multiple sclerosis, or MS for short. The autoimmune disease is incurable and manifests itself in very different ways in those affected. Many people with MS are increasingly restricted in their everyday lives.

Ex-GZSZ-Star Raphaël Vogt (45) apparently knows this all too well from his mother. In his current Instagram post is the ardent wish that, despite all the problems, she does not give up.

Raphaël Vogt: “It’s hard to put into words what my mother had to go through”

Raphaël Vogt writes: “Since my birth my family has had to live and act with my mother with the diagnosis of multiple sclerosis. This disease is terrible. It is difficult to put into words what my mother had to go through and we, my father and I, with her.”

The actor himself states: “I rarely post so private and unpleasant things. But today is such a day.” His mother, father and he would always have to muster the strength to cope with the circumstances. He is grateful “to experience some distraction and to recharge your batteries” through his own small family. Raphaël expresses his heartfelt thanks to his father, his girlfriend Kati and also to his daughter Océane (2) and then closes with moving words that are addressed directly to his mother: “Mum, don’t let go!”

Fans react emotionally to his posting

Many followers of the actor simply react to the open words with a heart symbol, others wish luck, thank you for the open manner and try to give strength with words. Some also share their own experiences with MS. In a long personal comment it says: “Thank you for the great words! Unfortunately, far too little is talked about it.” And then the follower says: “My diagnosis was five years ago. My son was 5 at the time and practically grew up with it. Unfortunately, he often has to be considerate. (…) The most important thing in difficult days is really, the strength and Hope not to lose. But tomorrow is a new day and a new hope. Don’t give up, you can do it … “

Ex-GZSZ star shows daughter Océane

The photo that Raphaël Vogt published with his post also received a lot of praise – no wonder, as it shows hope for the future: In the backlit photo, the ex-GZSZ star stands hand in hand with his family on the beach. Daughter Océane took her parents protectively into their midst.

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