Raquel Bigorra: this is what the presenter looked like before she was famous

Currently, the presenter Raquel Bigorra is one of the most recognized figures of the television Mexican. Her talent has led her to be in front of successful programs such as “Come on Sunday” and “come the joy”. In addition, she has come as a guest to productions such as “Today”. Thus, beyond his charisma, he has stood out for his beauty. For this reason, it has caused great surprise to see some photographs of his past, where he looks very different from his appearance today.

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then find out what Raquel Bigorra looked like before fame.


Recently, the presenter of Cuban origin Rachel Bigorra It has been news, and not precisely because of his work in some driving space. Through social networks, photographs of the famous driver before being famous Y has caught the attention of the public.

Thus, some media such as “” They were in charge of showing two of the leaked photographs of the television figure. In the first one, she is seen smiling with pink lipstick and brown hair.

Raquel Bigorra in her beginnings (Photo: El Heraldo)
Raquel Bigorra in her beginnings (Photo: El Heraldo)

The second snapshot, meanwhile, shows the star a little further away. However, it can be seen that his nose has had a change about his current appearance. According to means, mediumpresumably would have operated, having obtained much more fame.

Raquel Bigorra before being famous (Photo: El Heraldo)
Raquel Bigorra before being famous (Photo: El Heraldo)


At the moment, Rachel Bigorra It looks totally different in the various publications that it makes through its social networks. There, she is always stunning and takes the opportunity to share with her followers part of their daily routine, as well as their presentations in the media and their attendance at various events.

The artist also unfolds as singerthen offers music shows that are promoted through their official platforms. In the videos he broadcasts, you can see how the 47 year old star delights his audience with his show.

Furthermore, it is known that bigorra She is married to Alexander Gavira since 2011. The couple has two children and the presenter She is proud of her family in the various publications she makes on her networks.


In this days, Rachel Bigorra has also been news after revealing an unfortunate moment that he lived when he was younger. During a statement to the press, she confessed that he was a victim of harassment and hope that this reality changes soon, because She wishes that her daughter never has to live in a similar situation..

I was walking down the street alone, when I was a modeland a boy ran by and put his hand on me. I cried and (when) I remember I want to cry again. I was in shock, not know what to dotold afflicted to the cameras of “”.

After this, she revealed that she is working hand in hand with her children’s school, so that the minors can build bonds of trust with their families and know how to react to dangerous situations.

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