Rating: not even the Qatar 2022 World Cup can with Big Brother

The victim of Big Brother is Marcelo Tinelli, who is in Qatar, while his recorded programs lose like Costa Rica to Spain

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11/25/2022 – 07:43 a.m.

Rating: not even the Qatar 2022 World Cup can with Big Brother

Big Brother It is the only Buenos Aires open TV program that did not lose rating with the arrival of the Qatar 2022 Men’s Soccer World Cup.

Instead, the thirteen It is the great victim of the biggest FIFA event, because since the competition began it has not been able to put any program in the top 5 of the most watched of the day.

Big Brother started this Thursday doubling the audience it had The 8 steps of the millionon a hot night in Buenos Aires.

At 11:00 p.m., the program hosted by santiago del moro he measured 20 points, the same score recorded by Brazil’s victory over Serbia in Qatar 2022.

Big Brother’s victim is Marcelo Tinelliwho is in Qatar, while his recorded Canta conmigo programs receive a beating, like the one Costa Rica suffered against Spain in the World Cup.

Big Brother’s rating peak this Thursday was with Tinelli on the air, when he recorded 22 points, triple than its competition.

Big Brother: the mistake of Santiago del Moro with the salvation of Thiago

After the nomination gala on Wednesday night, this Thursday there was another controversial night at the Big Brother house. Thiago Medinathe weekly leader, had to make a decision to save one of the five nominees on the board made up of Juliana, María Laura, Nacho, Agustín and Romina.

Thiago went to the front of the group and said that he had no problems with any of his teammates, so his election was due more to a matter of affinity.

In this way, in the first place, he left Maria Laura, later to Nacho and in third place to Juliana. Thus, he demonstrated that his decision was between Agustín and Romina. The former deputy was saved by her partner.

Santiago del Moro, from the debate floor, made an error that went unnoticed by the participants, but not in the social networks. The driver said that he would let them sit after the budget test and at that moment he launched a sentence.

“Now I’m going to give them a little time to dry and then we’ll go for salvation, with the rescue of Nacho. I’ll be right back”, launched Del Moro. The contestants accepted the proposal although they did not realize that the rescue would not be Nacho’s but Thiago’s. On social networks they questioned the possibility of Thiago saving Nacho and pointed against Del Moro.

Jorge Lanata announced when the end of PPT will be

This Thursday, Jorge Lanata spoke from a mobile to intruders (America), and announced when his PPT cycle and future employment will end after the closure of his program on eltrece.

“Next year will be the last of PPT, probably five months ago. I’ve been doing the program for 12 years, that’s it. I’m looking for new challenges, I’ll see if I can do something on open television and if not, I’ll continue working on the streaming“Lana said.

The driver made a series this year entitled Hache: what is not talked abouton the Star+ platform, and on more than one occasion he expressed his interest in new formats and screens to carry out his projects.

The journalist apologized to Florence of the V for his statements about the gender identity of the artist and host, with whom he had a crossroads that ended in court.

“I told you at that time: ‘I have nothing against you’. In fact, we reconciled. The trial was lifted. I really have nothing against you. I said nonsense and I admit it. I came to a conclusion: let’s give each other freedom. That the State gets into the bed of the people is not worth it. I learned that everyone has to be free to choose,” emphasized Lanata.

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