Ratings |  How to get, view, and give reviews on Facebook Marketplace

Ratings | How to get, view, and give reviews on Facebook Marketplace

When making a purchase or asking questions about a listing on Facebook Marketplace, it is possible to recommend the company or evaluate a seller, helping to improve the buying and selling experience on the social network.

In other countries, the marketplace also allows you to evaluate the purchased product. In Brazil, however, this option is not available.

How to get, see, and rate Facebook Marketplace

For sellers on the marketplace, you can request a review from your customers and buyers via your business profile, the product page or listing inventory, and via the chat window.

How to see a seller’s rating

A seller’s ratings on Facebook Marketplace can be viewed on their business profile and their classified products.

  1. Open the product or classified in the marketplace;
  2. Under “Seller information”, click on the name or on “Seller details” to open your business profile;
  3. See the ratings received by the seller.

Highly rated sellers have 4-5 stars. Further details on the reasons for the classification can be read in the testimonials and positive points highlighted in the profile.

How to rate a seller

The option to rate a seller appears on the person’s business profile only in the Messenger mobile app and after purchasing or chatting with the seller.

  1. Open the Messenger application and enter the conversation with the seller;
  2. Click on “Rate seller”;
  3. Select from one to five stars to rate;
  4. Complement with reasons and more details about the experience with the seller.

Reviews can take up to 14 days to be published on the social network and, following a Facebook policy of transparency and reliability, cannot be edited or deleted after posting.

Recommend a store or company

Another evaluation option on the marketplace refers to stores and companies. It is possible to recommend a page and share a testimonial about the shopping experience with the brand.

Access the store, brand or company page on the marketplace;

  1. Click on “Evaluations”;
  2. Opine “Yes” or “No” on the store recommendation;
  3. Write a testimonial;
  4. Click “Share” to submit your opinion.

It is not necessary to have purchased any product to recommend a store page on Facebook, but it is necessary to follow the community standards to have the testimonial approved by the social network.

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