Rauhnächte today – pause in the time between the years

  • What and when are the rough ones?
  • Meaning of the rough
  • Mythology and Customs
  • Did you smoke today?

The time between Christmas and January 6th is a special time as work is shut down and families are mostly together. There used to be numerous breaks to chase away the ghosts. But how is that practiced today? What has changed?

What and when are the rough ones?

The rough season is probably the quietest of the year, when Christmas is just over and the New Year is slowly approaching. This time is mainly used to to turn inward and block out the stress of the outside world for a few days. Some take advantage of this time around the old year reminisce to let and that to greet the new year.

The number of smokers is exactly the difference between that Mondjahr, that eleven days shorter is than that Solar year. This is where the phrase “between the years” comes from, as these days are not assigned to a month.

In the period from December 25th to January 6th In the past, demons and spirits were chased away by smoking frankincense, which is where the term “smoked” comes from. Nowadays, the noise of the fireworks on New Year’s Eve is supposed to serve the superstition not to allow the ghosts to enter the New Year.

Meaning of the rough

The rauhnchte are also called Zwischennchte, Losnchte, Weihenchte or Unterchte. The term “Rauhnacht” derives from “Break out of the house” away.

Since the Rauhnchte take place shortly after the winter solstice (December 21st), the Days especially short and thus pretty dark. In the past, when there was no electric light, this darkness was experienced even more strongly than it is today, which made this time all the more mythical and mysterious. This time also stands for letting go and a new beginning, for the transition into the next year.

There are numerous customs as to how one can use the smoked meat or what it stands for. Because there are twelve smoked pods, and also a solar year twelve monthe, every rough night stands for one month in the next year, for example.

Mythology and Customs

But the rough ones are also with a lot Superstition connected, as there were different queries and myths around the turn of the year. The basic idea: drive away ghosts and demons. Here are a few Myths:

  • Ghosts get caught in fresh laundry, so you shouldn’t hang the laundry outside or even wash no laundry at all between the years.
  • The house had to be tidy or the ghosts would get angry.
  • Unmarried women saw their future husband at midnight.
  • The animals in the barn spoke to the people at midnight and foretold the future. The person who understood the animals was doomed.
  • The whole house was fumigated with the glowing incense to chase away the ghosts. No family member could be missing, because that meant death.

As crazy as it all sounds, it used to be the belief of many people. Nowadays some smoke because of the good smell. The following are particularly suitable as incense plants to protect against evil energies:

  • Beifu
  • Spruce resin
  • lavender
  • elder
  • mistletoe
  • Palosanto (Heiliges Holz)
  • sage

In the time of the rough, an energetic protection against evil spirits builds up. The three-king day is particularly suitable as a date for a closing ritual.

Did you smoke today?

Dagmar Hnel vom LVR says: “Today we practice many fractions in a different form. () Fractions change because they always have something to do with the current situation of a society have to do. ”However, in cities nowadays we hardly have to deal with darkness, as everything is flooded with light and many have renounced the superstitions of old myths.

Although the actual origin of the Rauhnchte is unclear, everyone can use this time individually. Just pause for a moment, focus on yourself and become more mindful. Also Tarot cards * should serve to create an overview for the next year. They can help you find out what topics you have to deal with in the coming year.

Since every rough night stands for a month in the next year, it is possible that you will multiply during this time trumt. The dreams can say a lot about a certain period of time in the new year. You can either interpret your dreams purely intuitively, or you can point something out to certain images traum-deutung.de do research.

Most of all, this time is about self-reflection. It’s the perfect time to worry:

  • What am I grateful for this year?
  • What am I letting go of and not taking with me into the new year?
  • What do I take with me into the new year?
  • What are my wishes for the new year?

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