Raúl Giraldo denies Comesaña: It was a mutual agreement, we did not take it out

Raul Giraldolargest shareholder of Medellinwent to court to the statements of Julio Comesana and, in the same medium, The Snail VBardenied the Colombian-Uruguayan, ensuring that their departure was by mutual agreement and that they did not exert pressure through the team’s brave bars.

“We reached a common agreement with the teacher, We worked so that he was in the things that he has to do and he left Medellin,” he commented regarding his departure.

The manager added: “he has to be calm in his life, the experience with Comesaña was very good, it was a very good understanding, I got along very well with him and with the rest of the workers, the technicians take care of their prestigehe explains his departure, we take care of other things”.

Of the reasons for his retirement from the team, he commented: “Professor Comesaña really knows that we needed him for a while, at the time we analyzed his work we reached a common agreement and that he should not continue working. We are making a storm in a glass of water, I was at the talk.”

And he insisted: “fIt was a common agreement because we talked to him, he was paid a few months of compensation, but that was not a joke.

Regarding the pressure from the fans, orchestrated by the team president Daniel Ossa, denounced by Comesaña, Giraldo emphasized: “we do not lend ourselves to going to send fans to disturb their livesask Comesaña, they yell at me, they tell me ‘rataul’… We don’t lend ourselves to those things.”

“We have nothing to do with pushing the barsWe don’t work like that, we are peasants who fight for life, we don’t work with pressure on anyone because that’s not right,” he added in this regard.

In the same way, he was against the statements about the mishandling of the team. “We have played eight finals, talk about all that, we have won three and we have lost five… that is, we are not appeared”.

Finally, he highlighted his good relationship with the strategist: “Julio for me is my friend, since I met him, we played the final with him in Medellín, that day I hugged him because he was champion. I love him very much because I do love people, here Julio has some friends who love and value him.”

“This must be given ‘see you later, brother, then we meet’, I would offer my team to Julio later, whether he wants to accept it or not“, he concluded about it.

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