Raúl Ormeño values ​​that the locality was again enforced and praised Gil

Colo Colo enjoys an unbeatable present after being crowned champion of the Chile Cup and after 20 games played in the 2021 National Championship, he is the exclusive leader, five points behind his pursuers.

One who analyzed the good moment that the Popular is going through was Raúl Ormeño, who in conversation with Al Aire Libre of Radio Cooperativa, had words for Gustavo Quinteros and his followers.

In the first instance, the champion of America with the Cacique argued that “I am happy with what the team is performing. We have already recovered that anyone came and beat us at the Monumental. Today, the team has made the teams fear to come and it was not easy to score points here “.

“Today there is that respect and I congratulate the coaching staff because they have recovered something that was lost and was so important. Today is as before. They do not come for a walk, if they come to win a point it will cost them, that has already been recovered and it is one of the important things that I saw “added the former midfielder.

The historic white player also referred to Leonardo Gil and compared him with great footballers who had passed through the Monumental Stadium. “Performing as he is performing so far, will only give him that possibility (playing for the Chilean National Team)”, Held.

“He has to be calm, he is one of those players like when Bichi Borghi or ‘Diablo’ Etcheverry arrived. They are special players and one hopes as a colocolino that they continue to perform more every day “, Raúl Ormeño concluded.

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