Raúl Sandoval confirms that Daniel Bisogno did harass him

Gustavo Adolfo Infante made a controversial interview with Raúl Sandoval who rose to fame when he was part of the first generation of La Academia, a project from which several concerts and projects were derived that allowed him to meet many people in the environment, including Daniel Bisogno, who at some point tried to play it and he did not left, he claims.

Without mentioning the name but making an exact reference to the presenter of Ventaneando, the Mexican singer explained how the uncomfortable situation he experienced with what he considered his friend was.

The former Tv Azteca academic also spoke about professional and personal issues, and thanked the television station once again for the opportunity to participate in one of the most important programs it had, but after that, he spoke about his joining Televisa.

Raúl Sandoval was “groped” by Daniel Bisogno

The bullying happened during a party

The climax of the interview came when Gustavo Adolfo asked him about the alleged harassment suffered by Daniel Bisogno and he took the opportunity to clarify the situation and reaffirmed that there was an uncomfortable episode in which his then friend tried to touch him improperly.

Everything happened at a party where Bisogno was also and with “a few more drinks”, he received a strange contact with the intention of having a more intimate meeting, but he did not agree, data that we previously disclosed in The Truth News.

“It was like an instant that he tried to do something and I left the party. I thought he was going to apologize later but it never happened, then period, he’s not my friend. “

The singer claimed that he never planned to talk about it, but in an interview, Pati Chapy’s worker allegedly said, “I had dinner with your sailor anyway.”

How old is Raúl Sandoval?

The Mexican singer is now on Televisa

For several years he moved away from Mexican television, but it is known that he is 42 years old; He fulfilled them on January 5 and was born in 1979.

In 2014, he married Fran Meric, a TV Azteca presenter and actress, whom he met in the corridors of the television station.

On several occasions, Raúl Sandoval spoke about his experiences with various media, as well as speaking in front of recent La Academia participants.

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