Reacts to the cleaning at Norwegian – was given a wet wipe and told to wash himself

On Monday 22 November, the 29-year-old from Jessheim was to fly from Oslo Airport to Ålesund with Norwegian.

She wants to remain anonymous, and justifies this with the fact that she often flies Norwegian, and does not want to be “owled”.

The plane was not full, and the woman was therefore given a row of seats alone. Her original seat was at the aisle, but since the row was empty, she wanted to sit by the window.

Was asked to wash himself

But in the other two seats in the row there were food crumbs from previous passengers. The woman therefore asked a flight attendant if it was possible to wash the seats.

The case was first mentioned in Mitt Jessheim.

– The man replied that he should see what he could do. He returned after a short time with two wet wipes, and said I could wash the seats myself, she tells TV 2.

The woman was surprised, and replied: “I have not sat here once”, to which the man responded, according to the woman:

“No, me neither.”

– I think it was a bit on the edge, sluggish and poor service. I decided to sit on the seat by the aisle, she says, adding:

– If you go to eat at a restaurant, you do not have to wash the table yourself. And when you fly, you have paid to sit there.

She points out that the cabin crew behaved professionally, but that she perceived the comment from the flight attendant as sarcastic.

Now she wonders how Norwegian actually cleans seats and surfaces between flights.

– They should go over all seats with alcohol bottles to disinfect. The planes probably come from abroad as well. Both belt buckles, tables and seats – everything should be washed. Especially now that the infection is increasing again, she believes.

– Happened

Eline Skari, communications consultant at Norwegian, tells TV 2 that all Norwegian’s planes are thoroughly cleaned every single day.

– After the pandemic occurred, we have also increased the general cleaning to also include washing with disinfectants in all areas that are frequently affected by passengers and crew, she says, and continues:

– Our standard, which includes disinfection every day, is above what is recommended by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA).

Skari says that they have recently implemented extra measures with more frequent cleaning on long-haul flights.

– During the working day, it is those who work on board who keep the planes clean and tidy, and in this case, there has probably unfortunately been a miss. We regret that it does not live up to the customer’s expectations, she says.

TV 2’s question about what Skari thinks about the woman’s experience with the flight attendant is not answered.

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