Reacts to vague measures: – Poorly done to the rest of Norway’s population

City councilor Raymond Johansen presented the city council on Wednesday afternoon about the corona situation in Oslo.

In the last 14 days, 5,795 cases of infection have been registered in the capital. The last 24 hours are the number 605.

Johansen therefore advises the people of Oslo to use face masks in public transport, in shopping centers and in taxis, as well as to follow the general infection control advice.

This is not enough, says Conservative Anne Haabeth Rygg.

– I am happy that the city council is finally taking the floor in this matter, we have called for it, the infection rates have increased a lot in the last five weeks, says Rygg to TV 2.

Requires more

Still, she thinks what Johansen brings is far from enough.

– I want some even clearer messages about what it takes for a bandage and corona pass to be introduced. I do not understand why they can not impose a sanitary napkin order. I think this is something people would accept, she says.

What Rygg fears is that the situation in the capital will escalate so much that it will be necessary to shut down the city before Christmas.

– I understand one is happy to be able to open the city, but this wait-and-see attitude can lead to the Minister having to intervene and introduce national measures that will affect everyone in Norway, she says, and emphasizes that she thinks it is badly done to the rest of Norway’s population.

Concerned about the hospitals

Rygg emphasizes that the authorities to introduce measures have now been added to the municipalities – but that the government may have to intervene if the municipalities do not do their job.

– Then I think it is arrogant of Oslo, which in some districts has much higher infection than in, for example, Tromsø and Bergen, not to introduce stricter measures. I think people would accept that, she says.

In addition, she is concerned about the situation at the hospitals.

– The intensive capacity is one of the most critical we have. We must take the concerns of health professionals seriously, she says.

Assistant health director Espen Rostrup Nakstad, believes the clear signal about a bandage in Oslo could have an effect.

– Then people will also be reminded of their infection control routines, and we need the type of measures now to get the infection trend reversed, Nakstad says.

– But is that enough?

– If we succeed in more people now accepting the vaccines and becoming better at being home when they are ill, then this with a bandage and distance in the public space will give an additional effect, he says.

Nakstad says they will continue to give ongoing assessments to the government if it turns out that such measures have no effect.

He believes we are dependent on reversing the trend to save Christmas.

– We will not hesitate to recommend national councils and also orders, if the effect is absent. But I think people are willing to make an effort now, just to live as normal through Christmas, he says.

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