Reassurances arrive on the upcoming seasons of Invincible

The animated TV series Amazon Prime Video, Invinciblehas fully met the expectations of his fans, or at least of the fans ofhomonymous comic by Robert Kirkman, from which it is taken. Success following the release soon led to a official renewal for a second and third season. All this took place during theApril of the 2021, with new details provided along with the release of a trailer and then silence. How will work on the upcoming seasons of Invincible be progressing? Have progress been made?

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Khary Payton’s reassurances about the upcoming seasons of Invincible

New news comes from the voice actor and actor Khary Payton following a recent interview with Daniel Merrifieldin which he talked about the cast of voices he works on Invincibleunderlining that it almost looks like a “The Walking Dead reunion “, to then talk about the work in progress with the new seasons. Payton then confirmed that the entries on the item side have been completed for the upcoming season and they are moving towards season 3 while as far as animation it’s a whole different story.

Speaking of which, Payton explained that it was need more time to work on it due to the glut of large animation projects in Amazon Studios, which got stuck due to the pandemic. While it still has to wait, Payton still reassured fans that the animators are doing their best to bring home a better yet creatively consistent product with the first season.

Invincible revolves around the story of Mark Grayson (voiced by Steven Yeun), a normal teenager son of one of the most powerful superheroes on planet Earth. After his seventeenth birthday, however, everything will take an unexpected turn.

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