Rebeca Escribans cries LIVE for the death of Diego Bertie and left him a message: “My soulmate”

Rebecca Writens began its program of America Espectaculos lamenting the death of Diego Bertie, who ceased to exist after falling from the 14th floor of his building in Miraflores. With a broken voice, the television host wept at the news.

“Sorry. He entered your home through his art, making your existence a little more bearable, he created his characters with so much love, from here I understand your pain Katyta, Fede, very close to the family. I had the opportunity to work with him,” she said.

The also actress Rebeca Escribans, who recently lost her father, broke up with Federico Salazar due to the great friendship they had with Diego Bertie. Given this, she had emotional words for the actor.

“We will never understand death, it is difficult to face it, let us respect the privacy of Diego’s family, the pain, he is no longer… He was dedicated to his work, ready to listen to you, to help you, very patient. We were both crazy on stage, it’s delicious to meet your soul mate when it comes to chambear. This from the audios on the cell phone, . He invited me to participate on stage, to do crazy things, to create fiction… He had an angel, something we call charisma, ”she added.

Rebeca Escribans goes bankrupt due to the death of Diego Bertie

actor and singer Diego Bertie He died this Friday, August 5, due to falling from a 14-story building in Miraflores. The Fire Commander, mario cassarettocontacted ATV and confirmed the death of the artist.

It is unfortunate news, Diego Bertie’s person has been found in his garage with multiple fractures in his legs and back. He has been transferred to the Casimiro Ulloa Hospital where he has arrived as a corpse, unfortunate news. We are waiting for the hospital to give its statement to certify what is apparently a confirmed issue. Yes (he is deceased), it is the confirmation that we have, ”he said.

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