Rebeca Escribans communicates her father's death on Father's Day:

Rebeca Escribans received condolences from celebrities after the death of her father

Through her official Instagram account, television host Rebeca Escribans released the unfortunate news that her father had passed away. The host of the “America Shows” block revealed that her father died at home and in peace.

“He left, at home, his bed, calm, sleeping, without pain”, was what he wrote in the first lines of the message. After that, Rebeca was convinced that her father is now next to her mother. “You are already next to my mother, the only woman who loves you unconditionally.narrowed down

Finally, he expressed his immense love for his father. “WE LOVE YOU DAD. Your children, Rebeca, Cecilia and Marco Antonio”, term.

Rebeca Escribans communicates her father’s death on Father’s Day: “He left, at home, without pain”

The message was accompanied by a photograph where we see his hands next to his father’s. In just a few minutes, your post adds thousands of likes. As expected, his followers resorted to the comments to leave affectionate messages to the figure of America Television in this difficult moment that he has to face.

“I am sorry. A lot of strength, a lot of love”, “I’m sorry Rebeca my condolences”, “My condolences”, “To continue Rebeca”, “My deepest condolences Rebeca, may God give you peace in this moment of pain”, “God keep you in your glory, a hug”are just some reactions from their fans.

Rebeca Escribans received condolences from celebrities
Rebeca Escribans received condolences from celebrities
Rebeca Escribans received condolences from celebrities
Rebeca Escribans received condolences from celebrities

Since last June, Rebeca Escribans has been experiencing difficult times due to her father’s health. On the night of Thursday, June 2, the host of America Espectaculos learned that her father had been admitted to an emergency in a local clinic.

The news came to him when he was about to present his show “Mujeres sin pito” in La Peña del Carajo, so he had to leave immediately.

Through social networks, the presenter apologized to the attendees for not having accompanied Gianella Neyra, Almendra Gomelsky and Katia Condos in the staging. “I had to leave urgently, I ask you for a prayer”detailed next to a photograph of a hospital stretcher.

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