Recognize the pointer! Colo Colo defeats a brave Curicó Unido in La Granja and is the exclusive leader of the tournament

National Championship

El Cacique hit fast in the first half thanks to goals from Juan Martín Lucero and Gabriel Suazo. In the complement it was known to suffer after the discount of a rival who sold face defeat and we were left with three gold points to climb to the lead. We returned to victory after three games at the right time and taking advantage of the results of this date 12 to be on top of everyone. Keep up this path guys.

El Cacique regained the lead alone in the tournament.
© ONE Agency.El Cacique regained the lead alone in the tournament.

Colo Colo had to fight a lot against a very tough Curicó Unido during his visit to La Granja Stadium, winning 2-1 on this date 12 of the 2022 National Championship and achieving three gold points that allow him to establish himself as the exclusive pointer in the table of positions.

The Cacique struck hard from the start against the Curicanos, opening the account early at 3′ through Juan Martín Lucero, who inside the area took advantage of a robbery by Gabriel Suazo, a run by Cristián Zavala on the left and a brilliant pass by Leonardo Gil to beat the resistance of Fabián Cerda. Great goal for Cacique’s 1-0 at the dawn of the game.

The Cacique managed the advantage well in the following minutes, nullifying any curicano attempt to approach the goal of Brayan Cortés, who only at 16 ‘received the first rival shot through Rodrigo Holgado and an attempt that went straight into the hands of the white goalkeeper.

Despite the attempt to balance the process of the game by the locals, the 2-0 for the whites reached 21 ‘thanks to Gabriel Suazo, who combined with Zavala and took advantage of the rebound on the post of the former Melipilla’s shot to send it to save In second instance. The arc finally opened for Colo Colo.

The red-and-white team felt the blow and again looked for ways to be able to find the least with the discount of the reaction. Colo Colo was confident in La Granja and the locals’ offense constantly collided with Cacique’s defense in a fairly even duel in the process, except on the scoreboard.

just to At 43′ came a clear rival after a great personal play by Federico Castro and a shot without much angle from the right that was above the horizontal. It would be the last of a first half without many surprises for Colo Colo and with the 2-0 in favor.


Curicó Unido came out determined in search of the discount and his goal quickly arrived at 53′ through the Uruguayan Diego Coelho, who took a tremendous shot from distance that left Brayan Cortés’ stretched out with no option. The locals responded and Colo Colo had to know how to handle it in the next few minutes.

At 57 ‘the rival approached dangerously with a center that was giving bounce in the small area after Coelho’s header that almost cConnected Rodrigo Holgado. Fortunately for the Cacique, an attentive Brayan Cortés in the bilge drowned out the goal option.

Again the figure of the colocolino goalkeeper grew bigger at 59′ to brilliantly reduce a shot from the recently entered Bayron Oyarzo. Colo Colo had to react quickly to the constant attempts by Curicanos for a tie.

Looking for a little offensive power, Leandro Stilitano decided at 72′ to send Marcos Bolados for a little gravitating in the second half Cristián Zavala. Fresh legs for the alba front.

At 80′ curicana equality almost arrived through a Coelho’s new distance shot that bounced off a colocolino and narrowly missed. After cardboard came two more changes in the Cacique with the entry of Carlo Villanueva and Christian Santos by Leonardo Gil and Juan Martín Lucero respectively.

About the end the Cacique cHe changed to a line of three in the background with the entry of Matías Zaldivia by Pablo Solari. There were only a few minutes left and at this point the victory had to be maintained.

Fortunately, Colo Colo knew how to hold on and suffer for the rest of the match, thus sealing three gold points that allows us to climb to the top of the tournament exclusively. This kind of games are the ones that at the end of a season are valued when the goal is achieved, against a tough opponent who sells defeat dearly. If this path continues, we will surely remember this 2-1 at La Granja, hopefully with the cup in hand. Now Coquimbo Unido is coming, in another test for this team that wants to continue showing that it can fight for the title in 2022 thanks to its football.

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