Reconquista will have the first bar in the country attended by deaf people

The civil association Talking Hands arose in Reconquest during 2018. It was an initiative promoted by deaf boys and that will now take on a greater dimension, by setting up the first bar managed and staffed by non-hearing people.

“I am a social worker and I dedicate myself entirely to this association. These boys were adolescents and adults, among them is my brother. We formed as a group, we related in the social part. We wanted that society knows deaf people, their rightsand from there the cooperative was born and now the bar is born”, commented Gladys Romero, founder of the institution.

The space opens in Reconquista, in a very emblematic corner of the city, one block from the central square. “We have everything to start, we want it to start on December 17. With the initiative we cover a very important range of work and we are very happy”, pointed out Chain OH!

The cards are adapted in sign language, and just today the federal sign language law will be approved, “which is a recognition of the struggle of more than 40 years.” There will be deaf people serving, cooking, receiving people.

“100 percent will be from them, there are hearing people for some reasons, some hard of hearing people too, but the idea is that we begin to encourage sign language. That is the fear sometimes, but you have to know and apply it.”

The association already trained more than 600 people in sign languagewhich allowed an improvement and a greater relationship between people in public and private spheres.

“They are from 18 years old to 40 years old. They put a lot of desire into it, they put a lot of responsibility on it, we have to reinforce their independence and that is why we do it“.

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