Reconstruction program shows progress of 87%; will end in 2023

Five years after earthquakes of 2017, which affected different parts of the country, the National Reconstruction Program presents an advance of 87.6% in shares in estate of different areas such as housing, health, education and culture, reported Edna Vega Rangel, Undersecretary of Territorial and Agrarian Planning of the Secretariat of Agrarian, Territorial and Urban Development (Sedatu).

According to the official, this advance represents 60,897 shares of reconstruction and, at the end of the scheme, a total investment of 35,300 million pesos is expected, with intervention in 10 entities and about 887 municipalities.

“At the beginning, there was talk of more than 160,000 affected properties for the earthquakes; However, when traveling through the territory, it turned out that there were thousands of families that had not even been registered, so this complicated the work much more,” said Vega Rangel during the forum Advances in design and projects with greater resistance in cities and seismic zones in Mexico.

The official recognized that, despite this progress, there are still 8,673 actions to conclude, of which 6,292 are in process and 2,381 still to start, so at least this year the actions will be completed. real estate reconstructions of the education and health sector, while for the next one it will be concluded with those of housing and culture.

“Education and health the program concludes this year, in terms of culture and housing it will be completed next year for several reasons: one, the resource and also because they are much more complex systems, since, for example, in culture there has to be a series of studies, analyzes and authorizations and the process is slower,” explained Vega Rangel.

Housing concentrates support

According to the numbers presented by the Sedatu official, the housing sector is where the most actions have been carried out, with priority in the reconstruction total number of homes that were totally destroyed after the earthquakes of 2017 and 2018.

According to Vega Rangel, in terms of housing, 53,593 actions have been completed, while 5,249 are in process and 2,054 are about to start. In this regard, the official specified that 9,548 million pesos have been allocated for this item.

“Locating the affected family has been very complex, because there are very distant communities where a census or a review had not even been taken care of. Total damage was also privileged over partial or minor damage and this was a very complex process,” he said. the official.

In terms of education, 6,546 actions of reconstruction of real estate, of which 5,914 have already been completed, 629 are in process and three have not yet started. The total budget for this item is 11,854 million pesos.

About cultural properties, Vega Rangel noted that a total of 1,953 actions are planned, of which 1,244 are completed, 402 in process and 307 to start. The budget for this item is 7,843 million pesos.

For the health sector, there are 175 actions contemplated, of which 146 have already been completed, 12 are in process and 17 to start to invest a total of 6,052 million pesos.

Vega Rangel specified that all these resources come from different sources, mainly from the Federal Expenditure Budget, as well as municipal state governments, different funds, insurance, foundations, among others.

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