Recruitment: summer camps in need of facilitators for this summer


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Provence-Alpes Region V. Odile, J.-F. Fuster, D. Terrade – France 3

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Many sectors are currently short of manpower. Leisure centers are not spared. It’s a real headache in some towns in the Var to recruit animators.

To occupy the children of La Seyne-sur-Mer (var)a leisure center must recruit about twenty of animators. But for the two months they have been looking for, the schedules are far from complete, not to mention the young people who withdraw before having started. “I think that all these professions, this activism, let’s say, this commitment… I think that young people want to have higher salaries and do not see human enrichment but rather pecuniary”believes Estelle Gaudry, Director of the Associative House Childhood Family School.

It must be said that the budgets of the associations are often very tight, and the salaries are not always very attractive, which can go down to 25 euros per day. Here, a facilitator receives 55 euros gross for nine hours of work. You also need to have the BAFA to be able to apply, a training course that costs 500 to 1,000 euros. At the town hall of Toulon (var)it was therefore offered to 90 people to avoid difficulty in recruiting.

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