Recycle gadgets? Here we tell you who does it to help the environment

Have you ever thought where the compus you discarded went? What about the tablets, cell phones, and mp3 players that you left somewhere when you moved? Aha … and that add chargers and usb cables, etc.

In past decades nobody thought about that, people changed gadgets without thinking about what would happen to obsolete products, but the future has already reached us and it is a real problem. And now we not only recycle clothes, plastic and glass containers, it is also time to recycle gadgets. How is that? Ah well, first we put you in context.

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Ahnumaaa! Electronic devices do pollute

As we said before, all this technological evolution has only increased the amount and variety of garbage that pollutes the environment. Since the beginning of the new millennium, the production of electronic devices has increased by leaps and bounds, which, as we have already seen, have a short life time due to the tendency to be always up-to-date and at the forefront, or out of necessity since they become obsolete. soon.

Imagine, according to UNEP – United Nations Environment Program – about 50 million tons of technological waste is discarded every year around the world. And well, there is the answer to the questions from the beginning: Where do all those devices that we have used in our lives go? Direct to the environment, and not only that, the emissions that are generated when creating these gadgets is one of the causes of climate change. Chalet.

How to reduce the carbon footprint on the environment

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And now how do we do it? Lets recycle!

As is happening in other industries, technology companies are already looking for and proposing alternatives to face this climate change. One of them is Lenovo, which will innovate both in design and materials to be able to offer sustainable gadgets.

By 2025, this multinational company will repair 76% of the PC parts that were returned to be reused in other devices. In addition, it will optimize the use of sustainable materials to minimize waste, and they foresee that for that same year 100% of its PC products contain post-consumer recycled materials and 90% of plastic packaging will be manufactured with other equally recycled materials.

With all this, Lenovo will recycle and reuse 363 million kilograms of products at the end of their useful life. Orale!

Lenovo will use renewable energy

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Lenovo gets on fire with greenhouse gas emissions

Climate change is a constant threat to communities around the world, Lenovo knows, and so in addition to reusing e-waste, it is also keeping an eye on its greenhouse gas emissions to further help the environment. Similarly, by 2025, the company aims to buy 90% of its electricity from renewable sources and eliminate one million tons of GHG emissions from its supply chain.

It also commits to achieving a 50% improvement in energy efficiency for desktops and servers and a 30% improvement for notebooks and Motorola products by 2029.

New lenovo laptops

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