Red Dead Redemption 2 for Playstation 5 and Xbox series X is rumored to be on the way

A new rumor online says that Rockstar Games may be about to release a version of the extremely popular Red Dead Redemption for Playstation 5 and Xbox series X and that would really be the time, say the players.

After all, it has been almost four years since Rockstar released its critically acclaimed western adventure in the open world for Playstation 4 and Xbox One. Since then, it has also been released for PC and Google Stadia, but for those who have managed to get hold of a Playstation 5 or Xbox Series X, it has been bright with its absence. And it’s clear that players want to be able to enjoy the power of the latest generation of game consoles in a game that has already been praised for its impressive graphics. Now it may be about to happen. Although nothing has been officially confirmed, a leak says it will happen.

It is AccountNgt which claims that a next-gen version of Red Dead Redemption 2 is underway but that is also all the information that the person in question has right now. Should this rumor turn out to be true, it is probably not completely frictionless. Of course, everyone remembers what happened when Rockstar released Grand Theft Auto 5 for the new generation of consoles and players who already owned the game were forced to pay full price for the upgrade. It will most likely be repeated with Red Dead Redemption 2, as it appears to be Rockstar’s business model.

Another thing that can also tear up some emotions is Red Dead Online. Many have criticized Rockstar for completely abandoning the online part in favor of ten-year-old cashier Grand Theft Auto Online, which is constantly getting new content while Red Dead Online is what has been described by some as a single big vacuum and the most expensive facade of all time. . Should Rockstar invest the resources in porting Red Dead Redemption 2 instead of fixing it to the online part, it will of course not go unnoticed. However, many will definitely buy a version for Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X to be able to enjoy better graphics, shorter charging times and certainly also some new content to make it easier for Rockstar to justify the price tag.

But as I said, it is only a rumor so far and we will certainly have reason to return to the matter.

Red Dead Redemption 2

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