Red Dead Redemption 2: like GTA 5, a Next-Gen update in preparation at Rockstar?

Game News Red Dead Redemption 2: like GTA 5, a Next-Gen update in preparation at Rockstar?

Red Dead Redemption II is keeping a low profile next to its big brother, the Grand Theft Auto 5 juggernaut. similar regarding his cowboy acting. A recent leak in any case feeds this rumor.

Lonesome Cowboy

In terms of content, Red Dead Redemption II pales in comparison to its predecessor Grand Theft Auto V. The fault obviously lies with Rockstar who prefers mobsters on antidepressants rather than solitary outlaws. The studio continues again and again to add content to the multiplayer mode of GTA V, now available on three generations of consoles.

For its part, apart from a few significant but rather meager updates, Red Dead Redemption II and its online mode do not benefit so much from the attention of its parent despite the love that fans have for the license. If the future of the game is still unclear and we talk more about GTA 6 than new content for RDR2, recent information could well delight more than one fan of Arthur Morgan and his band.

Towards a Next-Gen update for RDR2?

The Red Dead Redemption license is certainly in bad shape, but it is far from having left the weapon for all that. Recently we mentioned the case of a potential remake or remaster of the first opus. Today, a new rumor speaks of a Next-Gen update planned for the second installment. The information comes from AccountNGT, a very knowledgeable Tweeter user.

So yes, because there is nothing official, the tweezers are in order and we will wait for further information from Rockstar to affirm the statements of AccountNGT. It should be noted, however, that the leaker has forged a solid reputation after having shared before everyone else the announcement of star wars eclipsethe return of Hogwarts Legacy during the State of Play Playstation or even Sony’s takeover of Bungie.

After GTA V, Rockstar could therefore reiterate its strategy and offer a new makeover to Red Dead 2. It should also be remembered that the PC version of the title already has a ton of recent graphic options. The Next-Gen positioning itself as the logical continuation, we sincerely hope that this potential port will see the light of day and that it will be accompanied by additional content in order to plunge us back into the American West.

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