Reddit announces the death of Dubsmash: it will close in a few months

A year ago, in December 2020, we witnessed one of those unexpected commercial movements whose repercussions, from the moment it became known, seemed impossible to predict.

We are talking about the acquisition of Dubsmash by Reddit. Two social networks / platforms that looked absolutely incompatible with each other and that have been showing it for months.

After the purchase we have seen some changes in the popular site of threads, forums, leaks and comments. Achieving a strange balance that his community does not seem to get used to.

But now an announcement has arrived as radical as it is surprising: Dubsmash’s days are numbered, by the own determination of its new owners.

Reddit disconnects Dubsmash

Dubsmash stood out at the time for looking like one of the few potential alternatives to taking the throne that TikTok would vacate under the suffocation veto originally imposed by the Donald Trump administration.

As we saw at the end, none of this happened. TikTok followed in his place as the king and Dubsmash managed to close a purchase deal with the folks at Reddit in the middle of it all.

In August 2021 we saw how the platform even changed its interface with the technology of the short site network to integrate this kind of content in a more agile and fun way for viewing.

Everyone saw it at the time as a curious update but nothing more. The truth is that few interpreted it as the prelude to what is now official: Dubsmash will be eliminated.

On an ad From Reddit it has been revealed that the short video platform will be shutting down completely by February 2022.

So that from that day on it will no longer be available for download in application stores and the application will stop working completely.

But that would not be the absolute end of the social network, at least that is what the closure statement indirectly indicates:

“Since joining, the Dubsmash team has been working to integrate their innovative video creation tools into Reddit, with the goal of empowering Reddit creators themselves to express themselves in original ways that are authentic to our communities.” .

In other words, everything that was Dubsmash will be adapted to integrate its functions into the Reddit application itself.

Everything indicates that the movement intends to merge both platforms. How that will work is yet to be discovered, though.

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