Refuel cheaply: This is how you can compare fuel prices and save a lot of money

after the Fuel prices had decreased significantly in the first Corona year, rise she has been back for a few months fast at. Sometimes drivers had to more than 2 euros per liter of petrol pay – on average, prices in Germany are well over 1.50 euros. A trend reversal is not to be expected: “Hart aber Fair” presenter Frank Plasberg summarized the development in his broadcast on October 11th as follows: “Get used to fuel prices above two euros”.

This makes it all the more important for many drivers who to take advantage of the sometimes considerable price differences at the petrol stations. Petrol and diesel prices sometimes fluctuate very strongly – they differ not only between the providers, but also also fluctuate during the day and on individual days of the week.

Where can I fill up cheaply?

Different Internet portals and App provider offer users information about where fuel prices are currently lowest. The “Market Transparency Unit for Fuels” of the Federal Cartel Office presents various consumer portals on its website, that provide reliable information about the price differences at petrol stations in the region. Among them are well-known providers like the ADAC or – but also various lesser known providers.

By comparing fuel prices at gas stations, you can save several euros per tank of fuel – however, other measures have a greater effect. Rainer Zeltwanger, Chairman of the Federal Association of German Driving School Entrepreneurs (BDFU), has five tips for drivers who want to save fuel.

In addition, it not only plays a big role where, but also when you refuel. We have summarized here what you should pay attention to in order to save as much money as possible.

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