Refugee in France, this Russian opponent claims that Putin’s agents tried to assassinate him

Vladimir Ossetchkine, notorious opponent of the Kremlin and settled in Biarritz as a political refugee, testifies on BFMTV. He says he was the subject of an assassination attempt, which he attributes to the Russian secret services, while dining with his family on September 12.

A Russian dissident who claims to have been the subject of an assassination attempt orchestrated by the Russian secret services on French territory where he now resides, and a preliminary investigation opened to shed light on a still very murky affair. Here are the main lines of the testimony of Vladimir Ossetchkine, opponent of the Kremlin who took refuge in France, who speaks on BFMTV.

“I saw a red dot”

Vladimir Ossetchkine is a human rights activist, particularly active in defending those of prisoners in his country. A fight that earned the founder of the project Gulagu to find himself under the dictatorship of Vladimir Poutine and to leave Russia in 2015. He has since lived in France where he found refuge in Biarritz, in the Pyrénées-Atlantiques, with his family.

And he was also with his family on the evening of September 12 in his home in Biarritz, when he came very close to being eliminated by the will of Moscow. At least that’s what he told on BFMTV this Wednesday.

“I was feeding in the living room, the dining room. And I saw a little red dot. Right away, I put my children on the floor.” Red dot characteristic of the aim of sniper rifles used by snipers.

“It is very important to explain to everyone that the Russian special forces practice international terrorism”, resumed Vladimir Ossetchkine, who said he had been warned, shortly before, that a man linked to the Russian secret services had landed in France, expressly to kill him.

Threats taken very seriously

The Bayonne prosecutor’s office has taken up the case without confirming, for the time being, the assassination attempt. The judiciary, however, affirmed its vigilance in a press release:

“These death threats are taken with the utmost seriousness by the judicial authority and the internal security forces. In this respect, all appropriate measures are taken according to the evolution of the situation, in order to ensure the protection by Vladimir Osetchkin.

The preliminary investigation was launched under threats and entrusted to the care of the local judicial police.

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