Refugees from Ukraine are offered a health examination and vaccination

– It is a screening of the general health situation, a check of vaccination status and sampling. We also provide information on how and where to seek care in the Östergötland Region, says Malin Creutz, operations manager for the Refugee Medical Center (FMC) in the region, in a comment on the region’s site.

Vaccination against covid-19

At the same time, vaccination against covid-19 is also offered. If there is a need for other vaccinations, they will receive information on how to go about getting them.

Gradually, the health examinations will be offered throughout the county, the region states. The persons receive a summons with a booked time. The examinations will be done at health centers around the county after regular activities have closed for the day.

At the end of March, SVT Nyheter Öst reported that the region was expecting several unvaccinated refugees:

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The region is expecting unvaccinated refugees Photo: Johan Nilsson / TT

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