Refurbished Xbox Series X in stock at the Microsoft Store!

Many of you are still waiting to be able to afford an Xbox Series X. The situation will not really improve any time soon since Intel is talking about a shortage of chips until 2024, but you have the possibility of buying an Xbox Series X refurbished now at a better price.

How to buy an official refurbished Xbox Series X

The program is completely official since it is Microsoft in person who makes the sale. These are Xbox Series X that have been refurbished and are sold at €469.99 instead of €499.99 when new.

  • The console is checked, repaired using genuine Microsoft parts, tested and cleaned by Microsoft experts.
  • The console is packaged in a box bearing the Microsoft Certified Refurbished label with all standard accessories and necessary manuals.
  • The warranty is 12 months against 24 months for a new product.
  • Shipping is free and provided by UPS. The delivery time is 2 to 3 working days.

To buy a used and refurbished Xbox Series X from Microsoft, just go to the brand’s website and order with your usual payment methods and delivery options.

Buy the refurbished console

Note that several members of the Xboxygen community on Discord have shared their feedback after receiving a refurbished Xbox Series X. All, without exception, report a console in excellent condition, sometimes with the console and/or new accessories. You can check for yourself in the Discord room dedicated to Xbox Series X stock if necessary.

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