Regional court: Bochum: Big dealer from Herne sentenced to years in prison

The Bochum district court has sentenced a major dealer for more than 170 kilos of drugs. He got the benefit of leniency.

123 kilos of marijuana, 43 kilos of hashish, 6.2 kilos of cocaine and 25 liters of amphetamine oil: A 39-year-old man who has now been convicted by the Bochum district court dealt with these quantities. With these enormous amounts, there is always a risk of a prison sentence in the double-digit range. However, the accused from Herne confessed comprehensively and benefited from the leniency program, so that the 9th Criminal Chamber imposed six years and ten months in prison.

Prosecutors wanted seven and a half years in prison.

Defendants provided significant support to the police investigation

The dealer, who had also sold large quantities of drugs in Bochum, not only acknowledged his own part in the crime, but also made statements about other drug deals. This information was also used by the police to identify other suspects. Some are therefore currently before two other criminal courts in Bochum.

The 39-year-old has been in custody since March 15. At that time, the police had searched 13 properties in Bochum, Herne and Gelsenkirchen at 6 a.m., mainly apartments, but also business premises.

800,000 euros in sales made with drug deals

Overall, the dealer made a turnover of around 800,000 euros with his drug deals between the beginning of 2018 and March 2022. A kilo of cocaine alone cost 36,000 euros, depending on the quality.

With the – much smaller – profit he financed, among other things, his own drug consumption. He was already taking drugs when he was 13. For this reason, the judges also ordered placement in a closed rehabilitation center in parallel with the prison sentence.

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