Registrar responds by video on alleged projection of results

The National Registry he referred to video shared in social networks in which they appear alleged figures of results of the presidential second round.

Through its official Twitter account, the Registrar reported that the entity does not do simulations or statistical projections and invited not to fall into disinformation.

“The Registry only communicates results in official bulletins which are disseminated from the close of voting. We reiterate the Invitation not to fall into disinformation and go only to the official portals and media”, the entity indicated.

Regarding the video, Caracol Radio was able to confirm that it was a graphic content test for results this Sunday, in which the entity reflected more than 300 different combinations of votes of all the municipalities of Colombia.

Among these combinations, scenarios were reflected in which a tie was evident, in which Rodolfo Hernandez in which he won Gustavo Petroeven some in which the difference was 100 or 200 thousand votes.

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However, the graph that was recorded was in which the candidate Rodolfo Hernández appeared as the winner of the Second round.

The entity also clarified that tomorrow all the counters will be reset to zero, in the company of the electoral observation missions.

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