Relatives of Mayor Cuevas are intimidated in Cuauhtémoc

Mexico City.- Relatives of the Mayor of Cuauhtémoc, Sandra Cuevas, are part of the shock group that on Thursday threatened to violently remove the tent from a module placed by deputy Maxta González in the Colonia Obrera.

Among the people who identified themselves as Cuauhtémoc personnel were Jaxiel Cuevas Nieves, Juan Cristóbal Curiel Cuevas and Guadalupe Lizett González, the official’s brother and cousins.

The threat led to a brawl between the PRI legislator’s team and the Mayor’s group, who claimed that the facility did not have permits.

A source with knowledge of the operation of this group pointed out that it has been used by the Mayor to withdraw events from Morena and PRI deputies.

Cuevas, says the source, accuses the legislators of not supporting her in the local Congress.

“He sent people when there were Morena days and in those days he tells you” remove them at any cost, “said the source consulted.

Until December Curiel Cuevas appeared on the Mayor’s payroll under the name of Juan Cristóbal Curiel Urbano.

And they also attack merchants

Merchants of Bazar El Oro, in Colonia Roma Norte, suffer threats and attacks from relatives of the Mayor of Cuauhtémoc, Sandra Cuevas.

On July 23, Juan Cristóbal Curiel Cuevas and Guadalupe Lizett González González, cousins ​​of the official and who have held themselves up as workers of the Mayor’s Office, went to the tianguis to intimidate the tenants, which was recorded in a video broadcast on social networks .

-Don’t be intimidating me, says the person who makes the recording.

“Don’t say anything again (to Cristóbal),” González González replies.

“It’s the last time”.

In previous weeks, Curiel Cuevas had granted places to merchants outside the market and restricted established tenants.

“We as a bazaar have been around for many years and we have never allowed places to be taken from us and outsiders put in because that means having an internal struggle,” said a representative of Cibeles merchants, who asked to remain anonymous.

“I told them that they couldn’t take places, that it wasn’t allowed, and then a lawsuit started with them.”

The questions were raised to the head of the Cuauhtémoc in a meeting that took place on July 21, she argued that Curiel Cuevas was a social fighter and that he had the right to fight for places.

He threatened that, if any conflict arose, the bazaar would be cancelled.

“If I know that there is some disorder, some lawsuit or there are blows or there is violence in that place, I myself am going to cancel the entire bazaar,” said Cuevas, according to a video to which this medium had access.

Two days later, the assault was recorded.

“Last week, they came to attack merchants in a very formal way,” explained another of the vendors.

Everything stays in the family

At least three relatives of the Mayor of Cuauhtémoc, Sandra Cuevas, have been caught operating within the shock group.

Jaxiel Cuevas Nieves

-He’s the officer’s brother.

-Sources identified him as part of the group that tried to remove the tent of deputy Maxta González in the streets of the Colonia Obrera.

Juan Cristobal Curiel Cuevas

-He is a cousin of the Mayoress, by her paternal family.

-Until July he presented himself as an official of the Mayor’s Office, where he identified himself as Juan Cristóbal Curiel Urbano.

-His name appears on the Administration’s payroll for December, when he received a monthly salary of 19,528 pesos.

-On July 23 he was caught threatening a merchant from Colonia Roma.

-He was present at the retreat last Thursday.

Guadalupe Lizett Gonzalez Gonzalez

-She is the cousin of Sandra Cuevas.

-In front of merchants he was held as Government Liaison.

-He went with Curiel Cuevas to the Bazar del Oro to intimidate a tenant.

-It was also captured during the brawl that occurred in the streets of the Colonia Obrera.

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