Release of arrest warrants against Vitas executives

Release of arrest warrants against Vitas executives

At least five arrest warrants were released against executives of the Vitas Financial company, a company that faces more than 130 complaints for fraud and that would exceed 20 million pesos. Prosecutor César Jáuregui reported that it is a matter in which investigations are being carried out and soon it will be possible to find the arrest of those involved so that they answer for the accusations.

The prosecutor affirmed that the case is being worked on and that the same thing as with Aras, a company that faces around 6,000 complaints and in which three of its partners are already linked to criminal proceedings, should not be allowed to occur.

Jáuregui Moreno assured that, for around three months, the track of the directors of the Vitas company has been closely followed in order to determine their location and proceed to their arrest.

In May 2022, El Diario published that five managing partners of the company Vitas Financial appeared publicly in a specialized magazine called Pro Chihuahua, Negocios, estilo de Vida and Networking.

On June 14, 2021, the partners of Vitas even recorded a promotional where they invited potential investors from Chihuahua to deposit their money in that company under the promise that they “minimized risks and maximized returns.”

The promotional can be seen at the email address where the administrative director, Jovanny Arturo Hinojos Hernández (whose name has been widely disseminated), appears along with the other four partners.

These are Francisco Mata Anchondo, who holds the position of director of Plaza Chihuahua de Vitas; Joel Alfonso Salas Martinez, director of Mexico Operations; Suiry Chavez Barraza, director of Commercial Integration, and Alejandro Perez Tarango, deputy director of Commercial Mexico.

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